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Hi! My name is Kévin. I'm a 24 years old french producer, developer and entrepreneur. I started to make music on the Launchpad 3 years ago. My first project was a remake of "Pop Culture - Madeon". I shared the project file on the web and people started to become crazy ! So I worked on other remakes and created the very first website dedicated to the Launchpad : This website has become the place to be for any launchpad lovers, gathering the best project files on the web, thanks to the participation of the greatest launchpaders in the world.

+25 000 launchpaders

We are now more than 25 000 launchpaders and our community continues to grow. More and more project files and tutorials are shared so that anyone can enjoy this amazing controller. The possibilities are endless, so we will keep on innovate, create and share our music. Feel free to join the community, share your knowledge and share your work !

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